What is the key to becoming a social influencer?

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07 Feb What is the key to becoming a social influencer?

As we come out of the January blues and into the fresh February of 2017, I wonder how many people have kept to their New Year’s resolutions?! More to the point, how many New Year’s resolutions were along the lines of; “I will eat healthier and treat my body like a temple” … I know mine certainly was!

Although this seems to be a common resolution that many of the public make as soon as the clock strikes 12, (or if we’re going to be honest, on January 2nd when the hangover has passed), it is a known fact that in the last few years our culture has become increasingly active and health-obsessed. With this growth, the uprising of social influencers has made way and are blooming, particularly on social media.

With social media playing such a huge part in our everyday lives, social influencers are using this to their advantage by engaging their market through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, enabling a variety of every day personal trainers, health fanatics and clean eating chefs to gain a hold over the active and health-orientated.

With over 10 million followers collectively, social media phenomenon’s Joe Wicks and Kayla Itsines are currently two of the on-trend social influencers in the health and fitness industry.

2014 saw the beginning of Joe’s journey; uploading short, motivational videos to his Instagram account focusing on fitness and nutrition, (pretty much talking to himself!) Three years on, ‘The Body Coach’ brand is storming ahead, selling not only the UK’s number one online tailored fat loss plan, but he is also the bestselling non-fiction book, Lean In 15.

Kayla’s journey began after she completed her personal training course and realised that women wanted to achieve results in the most efficient and effective way possible. It was then that Kayla decided to build a presence on social media to share her training and tips.

Both are now successfully shaping the modern-day consumer – quite literally!

So, how did Joe and Kayla become such strong social influencers?

Being ambitious is key and having an interest and love for what you are trying to “sell” eventually leads to the progression of spreading your passion to your social media followers. This is exactly the path that both Joe and Kayla followed.

Most importantly, both Joe and Kayla tapped into the need for short, easy to follow content that can be consumed in less than 10 seconds – designed to grab the attention of their audiences. Simple workouts and quick recipes sit well with the consumer – to them the end goal is achievable. To prove this, Joe and Kayla began to share the positive results of clients following the workouts and recipes on social media.

By being seen, engaging, interacting and building relationships with their audiences and having an active, focused and useful presence, Joe and Kayla have earned an incredibly respectable following, leading them to becoming members of the key social influencers in the health and fitness industry to date.

So, what is the key to becoming a social influencer?

This same principle as the short video can be applied to and used by other businesses to engage your audience. If you want to make a footprint in the world of social influencers, the number one rule is to ensure that you are sharing successful content that interests them and is on topic, in an efficient, quick and easy way.

In all reality, you should know your audience, know what they want and therefore give it to them. Spoon feed them with content through a simplistic approach; don’t wait for your audience to come to you, you need to reach them! Most importantly, make sure you take advantage of social media and the variety of ways it can reach your ideal consumer.

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