Digital Marketing Trends To Watch In 2017


06 Jan Digital Marketing Trends To Watch In 2017

It’s been an exciting year in digital marketing, and despite the various ups and downs, the past twelve months have been overwhelmingly positive, with a wealth of new technology shaping the way brands have started to engage with their target audiences.

In this fast-paced industry, growth channels, marketing strategies and customer acquisition tactics are constantly evolving, and the relentless stream of new channels and formats to reach the people that matter means it is more essential than ever for marketers to stay one step ahead of the game.

Now that 2017 is upon us, what trends should marketers be ready to tap into at a moment’s notice this year? Here are our top three.

Immersive Content

Video continues to be one of the fastest growing areas of digital, and the new year marks a turning point in the way audiences interact with and consume such content. Both VR and augmented reality were important technological breakthroughs in 2016, and we can expect to see significant advances and improvements in the field this year.

In particular, the success of augmented reality based game, Pokemon Go, has opened up brands to the potential the technology has to offer, and in 2017, we will see more consumers ready to engage with AR via mobile phones in pursuit of value and entertainment.

360-degree video has also been key in 2016, with the likes of Youtube and major social media platform, Facebook, already beginning to experiment in a bid to provide innovative and exciting experiences. We can expect to see this go mainstream over the next twelve months – and with further new technological advances happening even as we speak, immersive content is set to exceed all expectations.

Personalised Content

With the web currently saturated with a never-ending stream of new content, brands must now go the extra mile if they want to communicate effectively with key audiences – and that means connecting with them in more personal and relevant ways.

While speaking to a broad target audience and having them engage with your brand may be the ultimate aim, it’s often difficult to break through the noise – and ensuring that you stand out from the competition can be easier said than done. With big brands dominating the upper ranks of search engine results pages, smaller brands run the risk of going unseen, and marketers must think quickly to remedy the situation.

By communicating with smaller, niche markets, you may be cutting down the numbers – but in 2017, it’s all about quality over quantity. With a better understanding of your customers, you have a better chance of engaging effectively with them – and, through content that is of genuine interest to them, long-term customer loyalty can be created.


While automation is hardly the new kid on the block, it has yet to be utilised by businesses to its full potential. Allowing marketers to efficiently manage the customer journey – from sign up to purchase and beyond, automation is the stepping stone to next level engagement between companies and customers, nurturing an ongoing relationship and maximising the chances of brand loyalty.

In 2017, marketing automation is set to grow in efficiency – and those who have failed to catch onto this crucial tool so far will be jumping onto the bandwagon as they become wise to its merits.

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