Five minutes with Lucinda, our Senior PR and Digital Marketing Executive


01 May Five minutes with Lucinda, our Senior PR and Digital Marketing Executive

Welcome to Formedia! Now that you’ve settled in, what would you say is your favourite part of the job, so far?
I love being part of a dynamic team of talented and passionate people. We all bounce off one another and there is a really positive vibe in the office which motivates me.

What positive attributes do you feel you bring to your role/ the team?
I’m a driven person and I think I bring creativity and enthusiasm to the role.

What are you most excited about achieving in your role at Formedia?
I’m excited to learn from everyone to develop my skills work across the business, as an integrated team it’s great to be able to work on lots of different projects with different clients- I’m really excited to continue to do that and take on more responsibility as I settle into the role.

Can you describe yourself in one word?

Having recently moved from Cornwall to work with us, we’d love to know what your favourite places in Plymouth have been?
I really like the Royal William Yard- in particular Bon Sante. Members from the Formedia crew actually introduced me to that one! I’m about to go on a trip to the South Hams beaches so will see how they compare to Cornish beaches!!!

Have you found anywhere to go or anything to do that you would recommend – any hidden gems?
I really like going to Nos Mayo and doing the cliff walk and then stopping off for lunch at the Ship before coming home. It’s gorgeous there.

What kind of role/s have you previously worked in?
Since leaving University I’ve worked in a few different Marketing, copywriting and PR roles, in the hospitality sector and a little bit of work for a communications agency, but for the last 4 ½ years I’ve been working in the education sector, one academy at first and then doing some consultancy work with ten different academies dotted across the UK.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I’m a big lover of going to new places and travelling where I can, and I love being in the sea and going for walks. I also love cooking weird food and chilling in the evenings with a good thriller!

Tell us something you’re passionate about?
I’m really passionate about animal welfare- it’s something that really gets to me. I used to volunteer at an animal shelter so I’ll probably look for one in Plymouth to join once I’ve found my feet! Plastic pollution is another obvious one I think I share with most people- so making steps toward reducing my plastic consumption is high on my list.

Are there any particular brands or campaigns that inspire you?
WWF campaigns always get me! They are so well done and it’s such an amazing cause. I also think the campaigns run by Surfers Against Sewage are amazing!

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