Bowel Cancer West

Design, Public Relations
About This Project


Regional charity Bowel Cancer West has good reason to be vocal about its cause; given how high the incidences are of this type of cancer, but how low public awareness is. As Bowel Cancer Awareness month approached this year, we felt our design and copywriting skills could really give the charity the ability to be more visible at a crucial time.


We ran research across the South West region, polling 1,000 adults on their understanding of bowel cancer and their attitude to seeking medical help for potentially ‘embarrassing’ symptoms. We took the research results and created content that worked for PR and marketing, offline and online. Our design and PR teams worked together to create a ‘combat the cringe factor’ infographic; pictorially representing the data from the research in a compelling, but easy to understand format.


This infographic, along with a press release, was distributed to media during Bowel Cancer Awareness Month. It generated a significant amount of media interest; leading to TV coverage on BBC Spotlight regional news, a full day of radio news items, features and phone-ins on BBC Radio Devon, Cornwall and Dorset, as well and appearing in print. From a marketing perspective, the charity now owns a piece of unique collateral in the infographic. It exists digitally on the website and has received significant traffic. It also acts as an aid for the newly appointed Fundraising Manager to use at events and in presentations. Also formatted for print, there is the clear opportunity to take this to the many health events and fundraisers that the charity takes part in – providing a thought-provoking leave-behind to both educate and engage.