Trinity Armed Forces Scheme

Marketing, Public Relations, Web
About This Project


‘Trinity’ is a unique Armed Forces housing scheme that minimises the upfront cost of purchasing a new home for military personnel. Our brief focused on increasing awareness of the scheme across Devon and Cornwall through PR, marketing and a bespoke web development. This included communicating and engaging the scheme’s benefits to its target audiences of serving armed forces members, military families and veterans.



We began by establishing the scheme’s key messages and brand voice, focusing on simplifying industry jargon and making the content clear and easily digestible. We created a dedicated website, social media channels and printed marketing material, to give the scheme a stronger voice in the region to engage its audiences. The content was compelling; from a map of housing developments located near military bases, to a cost-calculator for users to work out estimated repayments. To help build trust, we interviewed previous scheme users and uploaded case studies about their positive experiences.


As well as setting up promotions at local Armed Forces Days, we launched a bespoke Trinity event with estate agents, help-to-buy experts and mortgage advisors. To advertise the event, we designed marketing packs and organised for them to be dropped to 1800 married quarters and local military bases. We then utilised social media by posting relevant content and creating targeted advertisements.




Measuring success was determined by many factors, including web visits, social media engagement, event attendance and total reach. In just six months, we successfully reached over 75,000 personnel and their families on Facebook, secured involvement in key military events, as well as securing coverage in one of the most popular military magazines. At Armed Forces events we reached 50,000+ people and our bespoke event received 300+ attendees – many of which were actively looking to use the scheme.