The Formedia story


21 Sep The Formedia story

Want to know more about Formedia? Managing Director, Jonathan Mills, talks you through our story so far…

I’m so proud that Formedia’s name is well known, and I hope, respected for its team’s honest, straight forward and transparent approach. We’re now into our 11th year and having crossed the magic milestone of a decade in business, I thought I’d reflect on the first ten years.

Formedia’s original set up was a merger of two businesses, one handling press office activity and the other being an advertising lead print and design partnership. Our clients were mainly in the luxury travel, food and beverage sectors. Locally, we became the communications partner for Plymouth Chamber of Commerce and when we had an airport here in the city, we also wrote, designed and delivered the Airlink magazine for Air Southwest. This genuinely seems like an age ago! Back then, we still sent documents by fax, text messages were 160 characters long and there were dial up routers. Hard to believe, I know!

The first website we delivered was for a car leasing company and although many of our clients knew they should have a website, I don’t think any of them truly realised the impact and potential the internet and digital marketing had at the time. Certainly, we found that our print related work became secondary to web development instructions within two or three years. We had to guide our more traditional clients towards digital activity – and I think we can safely say that none of them have ever looked back! Compare those first websites to today’s responsive web developments, with crisp and eye-catching designs linking to social media, and there’s no doubt we’ve been involved in one of the most exciting decades so far.

We survived the recession – our experienced team still offers great value and knowledge, but the most important part is our attitude. Our honest, collaborative approach and the ability to deliver what’s needed – and more – has always been key to our success, but above all, it’s the clients who trust us to deliver, and our team’s hard work that ensure it happens.

I’m pretty sure all members of our team like working at Formedia, and after ten or more years of marketing, PR and web work, we’ve developed a business and a culture we’re proud of. We’re also excited about the next decade and all it will bring – and although we have Brexit on the horizon and probably some other challenges, too, we’ve got broad shoulders and an experienced approach, and we’re ready for it.

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