18 Feb Dove Real Beauty Sketches – best marketing campaign of the century?

Who would have thought that a brand which primarily sells toiletries, could deliver a promotion that arguably wins the title of best viral campaign?


Dove: how to build a brand

In 2004, international cosmetic brand, Dove, launched its Real Beauty campaign, aiming to empower females by using the ‘everyday woman’ in its advertisements. This focus on natural beauty was a strong juxtaposition to the highly sexualised representation of feminine beauty that was seen elsewhere in the media. (more…)

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17 Nov The VW Disasters – What Can Be Learned From It


You can’t have failed to have heard about the great VW fiasco with cars fitted with the larger diesel engine not being quite as green as was advertised. In fact, the cars could actually switch into a test mode to tick all the boxes in the workshop and revert to the default setting once away from the diagnostic equipment. The result was some very bad PR for VW, and with 11 million vehicles affected, a large financial headache.


The customers’ trust has been dented, and the VW America boss has admitted it ‘totally screwed up’ – but actually the manufacturer has cheated to boost sales of its vehicles and with a multi-billion dollar sum set aside to put the matter straight, it’s a real mess for VW. (more…)

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17 Nov 5 Ways To Improve Your Blog

When you’re looking for content online, you’re bound to stumble across a blog – from a stay-at-home dad giving parenting tips, to a business showing off its products and services. Some use it to convey thoughts via the web and others have developed them into an income generating facility. However, there is an art to getting your voice heard, try out our five handy tips!


  1. Make your mark

First impressions count and you need a refined design that reflects your expertise and appeals to your target audience. Have a look online and you’ll find layouts you can download and, with a little design magic, make your own. (more…)

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17 Nov Website Trends You Shouldn’t Go Into 2016 Without Ditching




With so much content flooding the internet daily, users get bored and quickly! Consumers will scan through your website and won’t give it the attention that you desire. Cut any essay like content into quick, easy to congest bullet points. Illustrative icons get the message across quicker than any copy could. The design of the lettering you choose should also be large and easy to read.



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